About Us

New Vehicle Group was created in 2016 by a handful of automotive, business and finance professionals to help businesses get the right information and service to source the right vehicles for their needs, for the best price. And not only that, to take the hassle and haggle out of buying and sourcing the 'old fashioned' way, which can often lead to buyers being tricked into ridiculous interest rates and inflated vehicle prices.

We’re proud to offer expert advice in both finance and vehicle purchasing. This is why we have a dedicated vehicle consulting team to give you sound advice on what vehicle to buy as well as making sure you get it for the best possible price. Our experienced finance team make sure you're getting the best possible interest rate, best terms, and most of all a finance package that's tailored to your financial circumstances - we don't tolerate rip off tactics.

Our teams have a large amount of combined experience in their respective fields. We're constantly networking to make sure our clients receive the service and savings they deserve.

Don't waste your time haggling at the dealer. Fill out our free quote form and we'll present you with the best price upfront first time around - all from the comfort of your living room.

With us, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Put us to the task of getting the best possible vehicle price and finance package.